Why We Love YPCK…


There are many reasons to shop at Yuppy Puppy City Kitty, here are some testimonials of why our customers love us and our products!


Mick Neel 3 Itch No More

Itch No More [Shop Now]

“Before using “Itch No More” by YPCK Mick was constantly scratching.  It was annoying and he was miserable.  After just one and a half months of daily use, Mick is itch free and HAPPY!!!”

– Connie R. Neel


Spa Products [Shop Now]

“Being a groomer for 13 years I have used many products; some good, some bad, some okay.

The In-between clean works well for exactly what is says! In between! Use it all over and brush throughout to freshen up or simply use for wet or soiled feet to save you from cleaning your floors. Finish up with a spritz of simply fresh pet cologne and you’ll have a brand new, clean cuddle buddy.

The [spa products are] great for your at home grooming needs! It will even save you money as you can stretch your professional grooming sessions out. Enjoy!”

– Katy Copeland (Groomer at Katy’s K-9 Cutz)



Chloe Gaultney Yack No More



Yack No More [Shop Now]

“A year ago my calico kitty, Chloe, required a five-hundred dollar surgery to remove a large hairball lodged in her intestines. This despite her being brushed almost every day. Since she started taking YPCK’s “Yack No More! Supplement for Cats”  she has experienced no further problems, and better yet, looks forward to her daily treat.”

                      – Daniel Gaultney (Author of The Echo of Death)


Bullhorn [Shop Now]

“The pups love YPCK’s bullhorn… these active and silly frenchies will play with it for hours!! It’s their favorite toy!”


– Angela Atkinson






“A few years back, one of my boxers was viciously attacked by a pack of coyotes, and I nearly lost him. Today, I run trails each evening with my dogs, and really appreciate the peace of mind and safety the LED collar provides me on our runs.”

– Raven Rajani

(Check out our video on coyote attacks HERE)